So for a moment, just stop if you would

What would it be like to live in a world where the shared
hopes & dreams of humanity were already richly & fully real-ised
cin a way that inspired ALL Life?
If you could imagine that right now,

How would that world look, feel and sound like to you?

What would our daily lives look like when they are structured
to support ALL life expressions in living their unique Life Purpose
naturally, in Joy & Harmony?
What would it be like to live in a eGlobal Flowf centred society
where every personfs vision is naturally present & valued ?

What would it be like to experience everyone on earth
as ONE Global Family?
How would your life be different to feel deeply
and unconditionally loved c alwaysc?  No exceptions.

To truly feel whole & complete and relaxed in a knowing
that anything is possible and we each have access to the power
to manifest anything we can dream of c really?
That everything is eon trackf & perfect for manifesting a purpose
if we have the heart to discover it and truly re-cognise it?

If that was true for everyone, what would the world be like?

Very few people as yet can answer these questions clearly.
Yet eclarityf is the 1st & most vital step of any manifestation.

The Harmony Planet Project(HPP) is a project that
was catalysed by a greatly detailed & inspired vision in 1996 of
such a reality & we refer to it as  the gHarmony Planeth.
It is a vision that is made up of everyonefs vision and as such
belongs to all of humanity.

So the
HPPfs mission is to manifest this reality for all life.
To re-create our global society as a eGlobal Theme Parkf that
overflows moment to moment with the ecstasy of awakening
to an ever deepening multi-dimensional,
 holographic awareness of oneness with all existence.

  It is a project that has developed several efunctionsf outlined below
that utilise a unique combination of cutting edge science,
mind/body life force technology & ancient wisdom teachings
to manifest the qualities of life seen in the Harmony Planet vision
                 with all people of the world in many different forms.


Below you will find an overview of the roles and relationships
between@these functions. There are three main expressions and
if you look from the@bottom of the diagram & read going
THE@PROJECT in order.

Realising Global Family through an empowered linking of Orphans across the world Providing education in life skills, relationships, language, health & healing to consolidate not only personal livelihood, but to also develop global leaders through joyfully accepting & consciously awakening each child totheir Life Purpose in a way that nurtures all life forms. GAIA Kids Foundation - GFKFbringing the connections of Health, Environment, Education &  Family to ALL earthfs children through a unique co-creative flinkingf  system with various other  Global Flow Organisation(GFO) organisations such as NPOfs & NGOfs.



A Global Flow educational Institute to that sees the 'world as art' and our role as 'Social & Life Artists' in a way that manifests the quality of life shared by all in the Harmony Planet vision...
Uni-Versity of Holographic Evolution -UHEFRemembrance technology that elicits authentic Life Purpose expression & accelerated learning results in any modality or field of endeavour.


Local Community re-creation programs including festivals & concerts


UHE earth family study circles


Evolutionary educational programs offered through multi-lingual Eco-Healing Glob

Real-ising eGlobal Flowf Economics & business relations that inspire & value all life forms.
Ohana Circle GAIA - OCGFA eOne Earth Familyf earth regeneration global market - shifting to a different dimension of whole life wealth!


A Global Flow Re-Source Network connecting personal wealth, global wealth and Business   Wealth in ways that inspire all  & generate life


Ohana Circle affiliate win-win-win-win Global flow Earth Family regen. system

Utilising the Global Flow Organisation Global network and GAIA Projects to support businesses to be more effective  at flowing life force throu

Global Harmony & Family through Global Flow Awareness
Remembrance Technologies & Inspired Life Purpose education & design.




Manifesting a truly eglobal flowf society on Earth will be a direct result
of following enatural lawsf of vibration & resonance through a eGlobal Flowf
prioritised moment to moment awareness of being.
Through this we can each easily experience ALL in existence as One
Life Form, and feel the flow of the planet within our hearts
& from there, act locally in a way that nurtures that flow even further.

A world where we are living as One Earth Family & the shared
hopes & dreams of humanity are already real-ised in a way that naturally
circulates life force to all with creative ease and
supports all life forms to live joyfully from their life purpose

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The Harmony Planet Project is a plan for actioning, as One Earth Family eCOSMIC MIND ? GLOBAL HEART ? LOCAL ACTIONf
using several especially created efunctionsf that were developed
via the concept later named eGlobal Flowf ~ a way of living life on earth
as if everything truly was eone life formf & prioritising that flow-
the concept
Michele Newport became most deeply & sharply aware of
upon experiencing the Harmony Planet vision in 1996.

So through the various eGlobal Flowf functions of
Ohana Circle GAIAiOCGj- an kind of eEarth Family regeneration market placef; GAIA Kids Foundation ? an organisation focussed on bringing health, education and joy-filled family relations to all earthfs children, and the University of Holographic Evolution - iUHEj - a global society creation focussed educational institute founded through the eMugen Lensf which is a model of multi-dimensional holographic awareness that was born from the research Michele did with the aim of real-ising this vision.

Said another way, while creating a eGlobal Flowf based
ecircular earth societyf system from many angles through the fully embodied
ealigned heart-mind harmony frequencyf of each person,
this is a project for moving as eOne Earth Familyf
via a multi-dimensional awareness of each personfs life purpose
in a way that elicits a consciousness where living
as one Global Family in Joy & Harmony is both natural & fun.

Meet the founder of this project here Ë Michele Newport - Profile

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