What is the purpose of the gWarakuh concert?

Through a unique celebration & honouring of our eONE Earth Familyf, our ancestry & culture, fWarakuf is a musical exploration of what a joy-fully expressed multi-cultural global society might actually look & feel like. So often we talk of eWorld Peacef as an aspiration, yet there are still few people who can describe what that world would be like in detail.

So this is an opportunity to use the world of music that goes beyond national borders and cultural differences to joyfully explore and embody the potential of such a world as real now, so it can manifest more quickly and to provide a creative space in the context of Global Family for more & more people to experience being eone with allf and Global Family in a way that is freeing, nurturing & life-enhancing to all life on Earth.

It is also to send the resonance of joy & harmony across the world from Japan by embodying this level of eonenessf while holding the world and everything in it ewithinf our hearts.

Through the interacting and interweaving of music, voice & instruments from many world cultures we can unfold what human relations can & will become and discover how two very different cultures can interact & make some thing new and beautiful that respects and values all differences.

It is an invitation to value ALL life expressions & live our potential now.

How do I buy tickets for the Concert?

Purchasing tickets for the WARAKU is easily done by clicking on the BUY Tickets tab on this website and following the instructions.
You can pay via Pay Pal or direct deposit.

Is there a special price for Children?

Children between the age of 6 `12 are welcome at 1500Yen and children under 5 yrs are free if sitting with their parents or guardian. 

Is there any way I can still participate in the 2009 Waraku concert?

If you are reading this before the 20th of September then YES, there is!
If you would like to sing in the Finale there will be a rehearsal in Osaka on Wed. 21st Oct and again on Wed. 28th Oct in Kobe so please do contact us to book now!

What time will the concert finish?

The concert itself will finish just after 4pm and there will be some time for you to meet with the performers and musicians and get CDfs signed etc so you could comfortably leave by 430-5pm for certain.

How can I apply to perform in future Waraku World Fusion Concerts?

Please firstly come to THIS years eWarakuf if you can and then send your expression of interest to
We will be in touch with you soon after this years concert is over.

How can I help or support future Waraku Harmony Planet World Fusion Concerts?

We are always welcoming any expressions to contribute to current & future events so please let us know what form you would most love to offer your support ( financial sponsorship or services, contacts & promotions etc) and we will be in touch with you as soon as possible. Please contact Akiko Tanaka via email by clicking here.

Why have you chosen the 3rd of November to hold the Harmony Planet World Fusion gWarakuh Concert?

Firstly, this concert was originally seen to start in Japan with the purpose of helping to manifest the Harmony Planet vision so when we etunedf in to what Day would most suit this purpose the 3rd of November came up. Then when we looked at the Japan calendar & saw that it was eWorld Culture Dayf it felt very appropriate. It is also held in autumn because it is about sharing the harvest of our lives with all in a way that links peoples of every nation.

What is the relationship between UHE ? University of Holographic Evolution and the eWarakuf World Fusion Concert?

eWarakuf is a signature event for the creative social artistry educational institute UHE that will open eofficiallyf in Spring 2010. UHE is one of the  efunctionsf seen in the Harmony Planet vision in 1996 to be established specifically to emidwifef the re-creation of our social structures to ones that naturally nurtue & circulate life force to all. This has been termed a eGlobal Flow Societyf which is one where vibrant health and joy-filled relating is a starting place and the structure of the global society is done in such a way that ALL beingfs visions are already manifest in line with the life purpose they were born to do.


Where is Osaka in relation to Tokyo?

Osaka is located in the middle of the main island of Japan, approximately 540km west of Tokyo. From Tokyo, it takes about 3hrs. by bullet train and 90 mins by airplane. The main train stations are Shin-Osaka Station and Osaka Station. There are two airports that access the Kansai area, Kansai Airport and Osaka Itami Airport.

Is Japan expensive?

The cost of living for people living in Japan is somewhat high, but for visitors, it really depends on one's point of reference and what activities you do while in Japan. Irrespective of cost, one thing to keep in mind is that most things in Japan are smaller than usual, so even though a product or hotel room may be roughly the same price as in your home country, the size is likely to be quite noticeably smaller. To come to enjoy their euse of spacef however, can lead to wonderful and life-long memories. 

What are the visa requirements to enter Japan?

Most countries in western Europe, the US, Australia and Canada have an agreement with Japan that a stamped valid passport will suffice as a temporary visa, valid for 90 days. However, this does not allow artists to come to Japan as paid performers, in which case an entertainment visa is necessary. 

For artists coming from countries other than the above-mentioned and for further information, please inquire at your closest Japanese Embassy or Consulate.

What cultural differences might it be useful to be aware of? 

The customs of Japan are rich and varied. If you are interested in reading up on them before you visit then please visit the following links as they have collated some very useful tips and information for the first time traveller to Japan.


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