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Brian Martin

As well as being Musical Producer and Musical Director for the Harmony Planet World Fusion Concert WaRaku, Brian Martin is the concept designer for eWorld Fusion Concertsf, composes & also performs as a musician and lead vocal, & he has come to Japan as a core lecturer for UHE ~ the University of Holographic Evolution, as part of the Harmony Planet Project.

He currently resides in Kobe with his lovely wife Noeline, facilitating
A Cappella Harmony Nights, Vocal Performance Coaching, Harmony Leader & other specialised trainings.

Brian & Noeline

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Under the dynamic guidance of well-known Australian born eHarmony Maestrof Brain Martin, a group of amazing musicians and A Capella choir groups that have come together specifically for this event will gather to deliver a rich tapestry of harmony inspired eworld musicf. So read on to meet the co-creators of this event.

World Fusion Band

Brian has a driving passion to gsupport the Arts by supporting the Artistsh.
Over the last few years he has been developing World Fusion events where he brings skilled singers together with high quality musicians of different World Cultures using an unusual variety of instruments to create a metaphor of unity, understanding and joy.

So in many ways the people who create the foundations for these concerts are the artists who make up the world fusion band. The instruments being used by the 2009 Harmony Planet gWarakuh World fusion Band include piano, trombone, Jazz & other guitars, Kalimba, Jembe, Violin, Australian Aboriginal peoples didgeridoo eYidakif and a range of drum and percussion.


So what is it you would most like anyone attending the Harmony Planet World Fusion Concert gWarakuh to experience?



Our hearts are all connected if we just listen and pay attention. We are here with our world family.
Brian Martin uCAE}[eB Multiplayer


No Music is No Life
Gutch xaq(Ob`) Violin



To feel the colour of the sound through your body.
Tets-J NJ eYidakif ` Aboriginal Didgeridoo



Coming Soon...
Gulliver!! LjiKo[jDrums & Percussion


To enjoy a performance together that goes beyond different styles, music genres and borders.
Mamoru Kubo Trombone


Through our performance I would like everyone to feel how close the whole world really is.
Shusaku Yamano RC Jazz Guitar



As part of  our global family, to feel the realisation of hopes & dreams through artistic expression and to have fun!
Masami Kobayashi ѐ Base Guitar


Harmony Planet Project & UHE Founder, "Waraku" concept designer,  lyrics writer, translations, singing and overall event producer.

The Joy of Living & Being present to the Harmony in Every moment of life, Oneness through a multitude of unique self-expressions, Infinite possibility & Power to choose Life, the embodied remembrance of what it is to function from a place of inner harmony & joy and how that naturally opens us up to a knowing of ALL ONE Earth Family c & this is only the beginning!! :-)
Michele Newport ~VFj[|[g


Earth Family eGospel Brotherf who contributed the backing song for the introduction at the start of the concert. Thank you Terao!


Through feeling the music to reconsider
what moves you to action in life.
Hitoshi Terao mu


A Cappella is the art of singing without using instrumental accompaniment.
The blending of voices in harmony often take the part of various musical instruments, whilst adding an unusual warmth & dynamic found in no other
singing form. The roots of this wonderful style are found in
globally sourced traditional eworld musicf.

This year we have two groups who will be performing this enew worldf style
  of rhythm & harmonies. One group created specifically for the WFC - Brian Martinfs eNew World Rhythmf which is a local performance choir who love
to entertain with a variety of music styles from the rhythmic sounds of
world music including African, Celtic, Greek and Russian, to the sweet
traditional tones of gospel and folk music. Also this year we have
a special appearance from the gMake a Wishf choir based in Hirakata
and led by Chiharu Inoue, also a eHarmony Leader trainee with Brian.

Together, these groups are a family, a tribe who specialize in spreading
joy & unity through singing stunning harmonies and having fun.

Make A Wish
Choir led by Chiharu Inoue
& Brian for concerts & special training

Jazz Fest

Brian & Noeline

NWR `NEW World Rhythm Performance Choir!

This years NWR A Cappella chorus group created in the Kansai region of Japan sings many of Brianfs original songs as well as a variety of songs from Africa, Australian Aboriginal culture, Gospel and World Folk Music.

2009 NWR

In preparation for the HAmrony Planet World Fusion concert gWarakuh on the 3rd November 2009, the NWR choir has dedicated 9 weeks of performance training and song rehearsal in which they learn many different techniques for harmony and blend, voice quality amplification and expression of self through the many song styles of world folk as well as modern music. The members, who have during this 9 week process dived in deeply to give themselves many experiences of the richness and joy possible through the world of music will be sharing that pure heart energy with us all at the Harmony Planet WFC Waraku 2009.

Through sharing these multi-layered harmonies of joy they will be offering many opportunities for all of us to experience together the deep peace that comes with recognising we truly are ALL ONE Earth Family & how fun-filled that can be!


So what is it you would most like anyone attending@the Harmony Planet World Fusion Concert gWarakuhto experience?

Noeline Banova-Martin
To create and share an uplifting & joyful experience for all through the universal language of Music & Harmony .
Hiromi Ban
To not think at all & just BE and feel the sound & the space with your whole body
Chiharu Inoue
Peace, Hope & Wishes
Takako Kawano
Harmony & Energy
Chie Kasuu
Coming Soon...
Sanae Kitagawa
Connection & Harmony
Michiko Matsui
Oneness & Connection with every person in every role.  ~ singers, audience, MC, Stage supporters. To feel and  share that experience of oneness with the audience.
Makiko Mizuno
The magnificence of bringing our voices togehter
Yoshie Nagasawa
A sense of travelling the earth
Aruka Oono
Everyone on Earth is Family. We are ALL connected.
Yukari Shimizu
Freedom of the heart & knowing we are all brothers & sisters
Miyuki Kawashima
For each to remember their own eHarmony Planetf
Michele Newport
The oneness of all life, global family & the joy of being
Akko Tanaka
Gratitude for being alive in this world!
Toshiko Matsumoto
We are all connected. Letfs have fun together exploring an eembodied joyf of living with each other on earth!
Yvonne Corstorphin
To feel energized, enriched and inspired by the cross cultural fusion of sound.....!
Happiness. Inspired by whatfs possible when we all come together.
Ingrid Mozart
World family through song, harmony & the joy it brings
Peter Lamb
To feel inspired that they can make harmony & know they can make a difference in the world
Lyn Taylor
A sense of community in music- the joy of singing.
Verlie Whittaker
Coming Soon...
Linda Pignata
Coming Soon...
Ken Hodgkinson
Coming Soon...

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