Co-creators who have been involved from
the beginning stages of planning up to completion & from financing
to a variety of skills and services.

Basically, the Harmony Planet Project - UHE
World Fusion Concert “Waraku” Team

Vital Living Global

Mugen Life

Brian Martin Music

Mugen Multi Media

Future therapy Massage & Day Spa
Future therapy Massage & Day Spa

WATEC(Wprld Advanced Therapy Examination Council)
WATEC(Wprld Advanced Therapy Examination Council)

Integrated medicine FUKUDA Orthopedics
Integrated medicine FUKUDA Orthopedics

Graphis Co.,Ltd
Graphis Co.,Ltd

Wealth Dynamics

Kazuo Saito Shiho-Shoshi Lawyer Office

Mostly co-creators who are supporting financially to varying degrees.There are many areas that you can sponsor for example - program creation,Media & PR campaigns, or contributions towards the costs to have inspiring & talented Musicians perform in the Waraku concert.  Or you might be more interested in supporting the university as a whole or even specifically supporting the English language accelerated learning courses we offer utilising music and song.
We would like you to sponsor the area that is of most interest to you so
please contact us to discuss what would be  exactly the right area, amount & structure of sponsorship for you.

We are now taking expressions of interest to Sponsor
& we thank you for your inspired patronage!

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Co-creators who support through various forms by offering skills & services as a contribution to the whole and so it can take many forms. Some people are great at and love distributing flyers to people who want to receive them for example. Some people offer tomake flyers or contribute to the program creation in various ways. Others might offer interpreting services to help the flow of all activities go moresmoothly with all our non Japanese-speaking participants from overseas. Others let all their members know about the concert on email or at gatherings so this experience can reach more people. We also welcome supporters as Volunteers for the Waraku Street Team on the day of the concert.

So we would love you to contribute your support in the area
& form YOU would love to offer it.
We look forward to hearing from you soon!!

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