The HARMONY PLANET World Fusion Concert

Want to become part of the WARAKU World Fusion Concert Event Team?
Wefre out to create a multi-cultural, multi-lingual Global Family experience like no other so the more people who hear about this concert the more the gWaraku Harmony Waveh will spread around the planet that much quicker! 

So what do we need your help with?

Before the Event
On the Day

Before the Event
We're asking people to distribute fliers or put up posters for us in their hometowns or places that are frequented by music fans as well as Social groups, clubs and Universities that are actively working towards nurturing multi-cultural expression and manifesting Global Peace in a way that is fun, creative & can truly be sustainable.

We would also greatly appreciate hearing about any publications or media that you think would be ideal for us to advertise in.

On the Day
We will need WARAKU Event team Volunteers to help with street direction, Concert reception and ticketing, program distribution & general crowd direction and support.

All staff will have free entry to the concert and are invited to join the celebration dinner following. A minimum conversation level for both Japanese and English is preferable but not always necessary.

Please contact us & join the WARAKU Event team!! uhe-waraku@harmonyplanet.org


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