Thank you for deciding to join the Finale with us!
Please book below.

To join the final,, you only need to attend
either one of the two lessons available below.

We do recommend that all those interested in joining in the Finale songs,
come to the first lesson. This will give you

extra time to practise & also let the songs settle within you.

If you then decide you would like to come along for

another full lesson once the Australian chorus group have arrived
later in October, then you also have that choice also.

Please also note that the lesson fee covers the Finale songs lesson only
& gives you the opportunity to join in the Finale with all those on stage
It does not include the concert ticket fee which will need to be
purchased separately.
Thank you for your understanding & support!

We look forward to singing with you
& making this an amazing night for all!!

Finale Lesson Details

1) Oct 10th - Sunday afternoon
1400 - 1630

Nishinomiya Shiminkaikan chukaigi-shitsu 503
i{s c503 j

2) Oct 27th - Wednesday night
Time: 1900 - 2130

Shin-Kobe Arts Centre Rehearsal Room Studio
i_ˌ|pZ^[ n[TX^WIj

Please fill in the form below.
Please be advised that lesson fees paid on the day
can only be received in cash

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Account Deposit Details
Yucho (Post Office) Bank
Kigo 17490 Bango 33745071

When you are making a deposit via a
different financial institution other than
the Yucho (Post Office) Bank Pls use
Tenmei 748@Miseban 748@Futsu Yokin
Account number 3374507

Any further questions please contact: Akko Tanaka at
Harmony Planet Project, One Life - UHE.
Tel F092-847-1138

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