November 3rd 2009, gWarakuh in Osaka, JAPAN.

A celebration of life, music, culture, creation & family!
Thank you ALL for co-creating this fabulous event.
We look forward to welcoming you back again in 2010
for even more fun c so stay tuned!!

Nov. 3rd 2009 in Osaka, JAPAN is
a day to gather as ONE EARTH FAMILY & together
embody a world of Joy & Harmony for all Life on Earth.
~ Harmony Planet ~
Sending the Harmonic vibration of eWAh
from Japan to the World!

The sound eWAf in Japanese can have many characters & meaningsc

eselff - the self that is both eone selff and eeveryonef at once
b -
ethe storyf - from which each persons Life Purpose unfolds
a -
eharmonyf - the moment of blending together that expands us
ethe circlef - of life that connects us as ONE in our knowing
eenvironmentf - the inspired life force of natural flow in all
esongf - a joyful expression of ecstasy through music

The character we use for the sound eRAKUf in Japanese
means ~  ease, comfort & fun
& when joined with the character
 for the word eSoundf it means gMUSICh c
& WA asuav also means
the espirit of Japanf and the eheart & mind of peacef.

So the
ewa rakuf World Fusion Concert
is an event to experience this and more together
with you, your friends & the world.

Through an exciting blend of original and ancient
A Capella & other forms of World Music harmonies we invite you
to meet yourself & the world from a edifferent spacef
the eonenessf remembered as each person comes home to their own inner joy & the knowing of a shared dream realisedc

Reaching beyond the perceived borders of nations & time
to that space where all possibilities exist now
where we know we have the ability to choose now for all life.

As this soul-felt harmony resonates from each person
together we weave the Group Harmonics of our Global Family.
Your presence will make a difference
& the tapestry we weave together will be amazing!



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